Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What do you think/feel about equality? What does it mean to you, how would you like to see it lived within the world?

This is a video from DestiniProductions. More specifically:

"In 1948 the United Nations Proclaimed the Declaration of the Universal Human Rights.
Now, 60 years later, how are the Human Rights being applied?
This video shows with a few images, that the Human Rights are not being uphold or honoured in any way whatsoever.
Now we ask:
Why do the Human Rights Exist, if they are not being applied and Honoured?
For Equal Access to the Earths resources
Support a Dignified Life for All
video Anna Brix thomsen fro desteni on equality for al
desteniproductions bernardpoolman for equality love thy neighbor as thyself as equals"


I find that the hopes and aspirations for at least approximation of true, "ultimate" equality on Earth are here, likely always have been on some level... but, well, this is what we see, no? :P ... We have quite some way to go yet, but I believe that we can achieve it. Day by day, thought by thought, action by action... TOGETHER. ;) ... Starting through coming in touch with our inner selves- who we are and how we can thrive in this life, bring others "up" and along, towards brighter days, along with us.

As always, very interested in your vibes on the matter...


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