Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, hello there! Nice subject, huh?! I think so. Well, obviously, I am not a physician, and all that is stated here is my own and others' opinions and personal experiences... perhaps suggestions and encouragements, but I am not here to tell any one "what they should do." Everyone's health (just like the rest of their life) is their own- to experience, evolve through (of course, each life being part of the collective LIFE) ... buuuttt...

Let's just say that I have had my fair share of battles with health (mental, physical, spiritual) issues (e.g., anorexia, bulimia, osteoporosis, digestive disorders, acne, depression, anxiety, etc.) in this life, and, well, I am finally feeling the best (healthiest, most centered, grounded, happy) that I have since I was like a KID, ha ha. For me, the "miracles" were the help of therapists, a nutritionist, many doctors (who evaluated me and made some recommendations- subsequent posts and videos will explain more), my SELF (love, faith, belief in, nurturing of), GOD which, for me, are all the same thing! ha ha, and (1) A high vegan diet and (2) RAW, LIVING FOODS!

What are "raw living foods," you ask? Well, I will post much about them here, but for starters, allow me to introduce the following: raw living foods are exactly what they sound like! :) Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted beans, various superfoods, and (for me at least) bee products, algae, clean water, and lots of sunshine and love, ha ha. Sound like a hippy-spectacular? Well, You are the Judge! ha ha ;) For me, they are just spectacular. Their simple, pure, wise ways have the ability to detoxify and nourish our bodies like nothing else can (to our knowledge so far, at least, in my opinion!). There are many people "out there," e.g., on youtube and on various websites that I will introduce here, also, who are engaged on the topic and the lifestyle. One of my favorites is this gentleman, Dan MacDonald, or "Dan the Man." Dan (through his YouTube channel) helped me discover vegetable juicing. Before discovering him, I was already delving into low-fat raw veganism and low-fat veganism in general (I will post more on these topics later) ... but, yeah, Dan introduced to me and so many others (more every day!) to the act and power of juicing vegetables! ha ha... His principles for juicing involve the subjects of body acidity and alkalinity (alkaline pH being disease-fighting/preventing), and the power of non-junk, natural nutrition to keep our bodies clean and, thus, healthy! Here is one of my favorite videos from him so far on these subjects:

Fact: You are what you eat; eating junk = junky health. See if you can "dig it," in the words of Dan, ha ha, I believe you can! ;)


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